1.What do you do in the summer?

We spend our summers attending industry conferences, working with manufacturers, and evaluating new technologies in equipment, de-icing materials, and administrative processes to improve our business. In addition, we consult to help companies create RFP procedures and as expert witnesses in slip and fall lawsuits.

2.So all you do is snow?

Yes. We have found that by focusing on a single service we can achieve the highest level of field performance and efficiency. We work all year to be the best at snow and ice management so our clients don’t have to worry about the cost or liability concerns that come with winter maintenance.

3.What happens if it doesn't snow?

Our portfolio of contracts is balanced with both flat-rate and per-occurrence agreements so that our costs are covered no matter how much it snows. Our clients are able to enjoy a variety of financial benefits by selecting the payment structure that works best for their business.

4.What happens if it snows too much?

When New England receives record-setting snowfalls, we spring into action to help our clients get back to business. We have all the right equipment to stack, haul, or melt snow if parking areas or visibility becomes a concern.

5.How do you predict the weather?

We contract with WeatherWorks, Inc. to provide 24/7 weather consulting so we know how to prepare for all winter weather. WeatherWorks has been successfully predicting winter weather for over 25 years and boasts one of the best accuracy rates in the country.