6.5 Tips to Avoid a Slip and Fall

“My business is safe for my customers”

Safety is a primary concern for business, so much that improper precautions can be detrimental to profits. A study from Zurich Insurance Group found that the average cost of slip and fall claims due to snow or ice came to $15,132 for general claims and $35,132 for employee claims!



     1.  Have a snow response plan in place. Create a plan to clear the snow. Timing, completion speed, crew size, snow pile locations, and communication must be considered.

     2.  Complete proper training. Having a plan is not enough. Ensure the crews completing the work understand the plan and can use the equipment and de-icing material efficiently.

     3.  Select the right de-icing material. Not all de-icing material react the same. Different surfaces and temperatures can affect the efficiency of de-icing material.

     4.  Promote awareness. Sidewalk signs and safety notices can go a long way. Advocating for proper footwear and careful actions are crucial to preventing slip and falls.

     5.  Monitor conditions. Local news is not always completely reliable. Access to premium weather services aid in storm preparation. Snowfall is not the only concern, melting and refreezing is a constant issue.

     6.  Be proactive. Always pre-treat lots and walkways before snow events to prevent the bond of snow and ice to pavement. Clearing snow after pre-treating leaves a cleaner, less slippery surface.

     6.5.  Not comfortable doing it alone? Hire a qualified snow contractor. Start early! Contractors begin filling their books in the spring. Don’t wait until it’s too late to take action!