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At Case we always look towards what’s new in snow and ice. We believe innovation is key and we’re willing to share any great ideas that catch our eye. That’s why we want to spread information about HeatTrakHeatTrak is a company that has been around only since 2004 and has been revolutionizing the way we view winter slip prevention. HeatTrak produces heated mats with sizes ranging from residential to small business and even to industrial. These portable heated mats are so appealing because not only is it easy and low maintenance, but it means shoveling and salting isn’t a must after every storm. There’s no doubt that having to shovel and salt is an inconvenience, so anything to make the process simpler is sure to get positive feedback. During a storm it’s sometimes necessary to clear snow and ice over and over again which can take up time that not everyone can afford to spare. Of course, these mats are meant for walking surfaces and wouldn’t be placed over an entire driveway, but using HeatTrak even minimally will reduce the rate at which salt is tracked into buildings. It’s incredibly common for houses and businesses to be cluttered with salty, sandy residue once the snow starts to fall, but giving people a clean surface to walk on before entering definitely helps combat the gritty mess. HeatTrak‘s mats are also durable, meaning that this won’t be a gimmick that you’ll have to purchase year after year. Their products are built to endure harsh conditions, and that’s just what they’ll do. Another great benefit for businesses is that the use of heated mats to prevent slipping can reduce insurance premiums, as stated in a customer testimonial.

The major reason why HeatTrak‘s mats can change the way we see snow removal is because it eliminates the need for salt and other materials to melt snow and ice. There are always concerns when spreading materials because they are bound to get into the natural environment. Salt and sand has been known cause negative environmental effects, whether it be causing erosion or harming plant-life. Other chemicals are sometimes often used which can be even more dangerous. Some ice melting “home remedies” suggest using bleach or antifreeze, but these are incredibly dangerous chemicals which spread into plants and can even get into water sources. While right now it seems like there is no perfect method for clearing snow, one that eliminates the need to use potentially harmful materials seems like a step in the right direction.

Credit: www.HeatTrak.com

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