Snowing In The Summer


_J7A3829The expectation of summertime is for the weather to be hot and sunny every day. Right? Maybe not if you live in South America. Parts of the southern hemisphere are experiencing frigid winter temperatures and even snow! That’s because the Earth’s axis is tilted in such a way that makes the seasons in the northern hemisphere to be opposite of those in the southern hemisphere. Imagine snow in August. Well that’s just what people in Puerto Santa Rosa, Chile experienced last week. precipitation reports indicated up to 8 inches of snow in some parts! And this isn’t the only place getting snow. Areas all around southern Chile and Argentina have been experiencing freezing temperatures and snowfall since June.

But isn’t the south supposed to be warm? Not always! The southern tip of South America reaches down towards Antarctica and the South Pole, similar to how to coldest point to the United States is the North Pole. While most of Chile receives minimal snowfall, you’d be wrong to think there aren’t areas that could compete with Boston’s recent snowfall record. Portillo Snow Resort of Chile reports that they receive a whopping 25 feet of snowfall annually. That’s correct, not 25 inches but 25 feet. So be thankful your August has been hot and sunny, because you could be living in Chile where there is a thick blanket of snow. Enjoy the summer while it lasts, winter will be here before you know it. Keep up with our blog for more interesting stories about snow, weather, and winter related events.

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