See How Your Business Will Improve

Impress and Attract Customers 



Clean parking lots and walkways make an excellent first impression after a snow storm.  According to Retail Customer Experience 96% of shoppers say that exterior appearance is important when considering which location to visit. More importantly though, a reported 52% of consumers say they have avoided a business just based on it’s outside appearance.



graph appearance




Unattended piles of snow around lots and ineffective de-icing can mean the difference between customers stopping by or finding an alternative. Is your facility as clean as it should be?





Save Money



Don’t let poor snow and ice management lead to unnecessary costs. Professional planning and plow techniques reduce the chances of damage. Governing Magazine found that the average repair cost of a pothole by a contractor came to $129. Using the incorrect de-icing material can also cause erosion as well as pavement cracking, incurring even more unneeded expenses.




Let Case do the work for you! We can develop a plan from start to finish created just for your specific needs. Improve your business this winter with Certified Snow Professionals from Case.